SOAK is the Portland Regional Burning Man held each year in May.

The past three years I have been the Design Lead responsible for the event theme art, survival guide, stickers, wristbands, staff laminates, event booklet , map, and t-shirt designs.  
  • Design Lead

  • Campaign Design

2020: SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED (jk will be the theme in 2022)
noun: a group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose.

       Wristband Design

2019: Hive Mind
An insect surfaces from its chamber, its gears humming a soft tune that alerts the others it is at work. A geometric stronghold of structures & tunnels reach for a sky the color of flame, providing shade for the myriad creatures moving below. Mind and Spirit reach out in greeting, joining and aligning. The needs of many become the needs of each. Puzzles beyond individual capability are solved by a collective consciusness that links the intelligences of the colony into a unified whole: will it progress or retreat? Evolve or explode?

       Wristband Design

2018: Parellel Multiverse

A mermaid swims in one direction, stars in her wake. Unseen but traveling the very same path, separated only by a blink of the eye, the twitch of a cat, the veil of consciousness, swims a flying fish trailed by a school of neon betas. Water, bubbles, stars. The entirety of space, time, matter, energy across many universes hypothetical and known. Side by side, unknowable infinities of reality unfold, creations of the imagination or of science, or both. When SOAK once again returns to existence, emerging from the mist this spring in Tygh Valley, Oregon, its theme will be Parallel Multiverse.

     Wristband Design
2018/2019 SWAG

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