Ich Liebe Berlin  

A series created to tell the story of my experiences in Berlin.

The city of Berlin tells its history throughout every aspect of its limits. While exploring the city on my own it became clear to me how this history was guiding my own experience and perception of my environment. Each piece has a significant story behind it that I feel emulates an important event or concept I encountered while abroad.

By using Fraktur, a calligraphic element that is often associated with German pride,  as the single commonality that connects each piece I am conveying the importance of this graphic element to the history of Berlin, as well as, my own personal connection as a graphic designer.

  • Art Direction

  • Making/Design

  • Gallery Install

“Dur Fuhrer” // (4)Digital Prints
Here one will find in both English and German the order given by Hilter during WWII stating that Fraktur is no longer the official style of written language of Germany. I felt it made sense to use Antiqua-Type to show this command as it marked the moment Germany adopted modern Typefaces (in therory).

“Anti-Graffiti” // Acrylic  
When riding the Ubahn in Berlin anytime within the last couple years one would look down at the seats and find a pattern much like this one. Within the pattern are the individualized ways each of the stations portrays the name along its walls.

“The Wall” // Lino Print on Transparency Paper 
The Duality of the East and West when the wall was separated the city was stagering. This piece is a wall in its own right composed of the two differing concepts.


"Der Klang Der Enheit- The Sound of Unity"
// Acrylic Matte and Gloss
This is a response to the techno club scene of Berlin. When the Berlin wall came down there was a very noticable difference in the culture between the East and West. Techno created the commonality between the youth and communites of the two newly comingled cities.

“Erfullte Leere- Fulfilled Emptiness”
// Acrylic Matte, Gloss, and Moudling Paste
Berlin is often referred to as the hub of contemporary art in Europe. While browsing the many galleries open during the Berlin Bienielle I came to the realization that there is meaning in even the absense of content. There is importance in nothing.  

“Ich Liebe Berlin” // Digital Print
I decided the best way to portray all that I experiened in Berlin was through Mandala. Complete with currywurst, teddy bears, and beer gardens. These were passed out to all attendees when one entered or left the gallery show.

Helvetica walks into a bar. “Get out of here!” shouts the bartender.
“We don’t serve your type.” 🤣